[b-hebrew] Daniel 8:9

Otto Erlend Nordgreen ottoerlend at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 10:03:16 EDT 2006

Dear Rosangela Lira,

You wrote:

<< Is the most probable translation in Daniel 8:9 "from one of the winds" or 
"from one of the horns"? >>

A very interesting question! Both translations seem possible (at least this 
is what several scholars have told me); thus, either the little horn is said 
to be coming from one of the four horns or it came from one of the "winds" 
(= directions). Either way, I think the point is that the little horn came 
from one of the Hellenistic kingdoms (viz. Syria).

For more details on the syntax, see the forthcoming study (on Dan 8) by 
Martin Pröbstle.

Best regards

Otto E. Nordgreen
Oslo, Norway

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