[b-hebrew] Psalm 57:5 (57:4 in English)

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Hello Karl, my lexicon (HALOT p 515) sees LB' to mean lion.  So LB'M would be the plural absolute form of that word.  But it also appears that this may by a hypothetical form as well.  The other word you mentioned is tricky as well because it looks like a cohortative 'may I lie down.' but does not seem to be functioning that way.  But either way the syntax is difficult but I get something like.

My soul, in the midst of lions I lie down, devouring ones, sons of man....

The NET bible suggest taking 'my life' with the previous verse but one would have to add a verb.  The LXX does this with RUOMAI (and he delivered my soul), if that be the case one can translate this as.  " And may God send his loving kindness and truth and deliver my soul." 5) In the midst of lions I lie down = sons of man who (want) to devour me.

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> B-Hebrew Haburim: 
> I must be having one of those senior moments, as I don't understand this verse. 
> My life I lie down in the midst of their ???? to ???? (form and 
> context is that of a Hiphil verb infinitive, but I can't recognize 
> which one at the moment) the sons of men, their teeth are a spear and 
> arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword. 
> Any idea as to the two words denoted by ???? above? 
> Karl W. Randolph. 
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