[b-hebrew] Daniel 8:9

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Oct 18 16:56:30 EDT 2006

Rosangela Lira wrote;
Is the most probable translation in Daniel 8:9 "from one of the 
winds" or "from one of the horns"?

"And from one of them (one of the horns) emerged a small horn, which 
grew exceedingly southward and eastward and toward the coveted land"

Stone commentary:  Most commentators interpret this vision as an 
allusion to the persecution of King Antiochus, whose Seleucid Kingdom 
emerged from one of Alexander's four successors.  He advanced to the 
south and invaded Egypt and conquered the Lanbd of Israel, where he 
was eventually defeated by the Macabees.  Others relate the vision to 
Rome, Titus and Vespasian.


And from one of them and from one of these kingdoms.

emerged aŠ horn The kingdom of Titus emerged from it.

small A small and despised kingdom, as he calls it above one small 
horn, and that is in the manner of (Obad. 1:2): "Š you are very 

and it became very great Heb. ??????????? ?????.

to the south That is Egypt, which is to the south of the land of Israel.

and to the coveted land Heb. ??????? The land of Israel, called ????? 
???????, the coveted land [or the land of beauty] after the manner of 
(Jer. 3:19): "an inheritance of the beauty of hosts of nations.

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