[b-hebrew] Common Sense

Ethel Jean (Kowan) Saltz macnietspingal at airmail.net
Wed Oct 18 13:37:37 EDT 2006

"example in a quotation from a Jewish publication:

After discussing at length the opinions of the
Hatam Sofer and those who disagree with him, Rabbi
Messas adds that the opinion of the Hatam Sofer is
rather unusual (hiddush), and that it runs counter
to reason and common sense (she-debarav enam
musbarim kefi ha-sekhel ha-yashar), for if the
husband (or the rabbi) designates specific
witnesses, he thereby indicates that he wants
these witnesses and no others.

HH: If you don't add the early definite article,
the phrase means something like "insight of the

Harold Holmyard"

Very very informative.  To be exact about the Webster New World:

Common Sense in the English side:  sekhel yashar
                               Hebrew side: OOPS
                                                  (ha) sekhel ha-yashar!!

I missed the first (Ha)  so we are all in agreement with and additionally
get a grammatical twist in meaning which occurred by my mistake.  It's fun
in Hebrew because the definite article placement can make subtle differences
in meaning and this promotes further pondering. Three little characters and
all the prefixes and subfixes exhaust the possible meanings  one can derive
from these same 3 characters.  This is the stuff from which standup comedy
is made.

I actually probably would with bias continue to use sekhel ha-yashar
because that's the kind of Common Sense I prefer:)

In addition, I keep wanting to orally say shekel instead of sekhel and that
too goes to the bottom line as in Fiddler's "If you're rich they think you
know".  Hebrew is so much fun philosophy.

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