[b-hebrew] Psalm 14 'smoothed' to Romans 3 in Greek OT

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Dear Sujata,

Despite aish-hatorah's claims, scribal error (ta'ut sofrim) was a recognized 
aspect of manual copying of scrolls. It's one of the reasons the Masoretes 
used qeri and ketiv.

As far as purposely "smoothing over" texts - I think we're talking about 
somethiing that was done by Christians to the Greek text. Look at a lot of 
Christian (and other) translations today - they basically make the text say 
what they believe it should say. This is legitamate in translation, which is 
really a form of interpretation. No surprise there.

Yigal Levin

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>I am surprised at the terms smoothed, scribal error, etc.  Would any Jewish 
>person who lived in the ancient times have had the guts or the means to 
>indulge in such activities? 
>  Could someone please tell me where I can find more info on the Ezekiel 
> Tablets?
>  Best,
>  sujata
>  schmuel wrote:
>> > ============= Harold, do you agree with
>> Professor Klein and BHS that this was a Greek
>> OT rigging 'smoothing' to match Psalms ?
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