[b-hebrew] different Daniel 7:13 translation

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Mon Oct 16 11:06:26 EDT 2006

The "holy supreme ones" are not saints, but the people of Israel.


I don't understand why Daniel 7:13 is translated "I saw in visions of a
night, and behold, with clouds of heaven one like a son of man is coming..."
It does not seem to  say "one", but really "...and behold, with clouds of
heaven like a son of man, he is coming..." The quote does not say who "he"

I think it might say "I saw in visions of a night, and behold, a people of
clouds of heaven. Like a son of man, it (the people) is coming..." If the 4
kingdoms were beasts in his vision, maybe the saints who were given the
kingdom were seen as a people made from clouds of heaven (the sky).

This at least would explain why the angel said to Daniel that the saints
would get the kingdom in Daniel 7:18. The other translation of Daniel 7:13
does not mention the saints being in the vision at all. Also, this would fit
Daniel 7:27 which mentions the people of the saints getting the kingdom. It
also says everyone will serve him (the people).

The Septuagint does not say "people" in Daniel 7:27, but it does say the
saints will get the kingdom, and it does not mention anyone else.

If Daniel saw a people made out of clouds, maybe this makes sense, but I am
not sure if this is how he would have said it.

Kenneth Greifer

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