[b-hebrew] actual Hebrew question about Daniel 9:25

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> Steve:
> Here you are asking me to speculate, as God did not explain why he has
> the 62 sevens repeated in this passage. It puzzles me too. The only
> Biblical reason that I can think of is contained in Genesis 41:32, to
> emphasize the number.
> Karl W. Randolph.

Steve and Karl,

Try this mathmatical model:
Israel forsake the seven year sabbath 1090 B.C. and continued 490 years until 
The 62 week equal 434 years to occupy the land.
Additional sin multiplies 434 x 7 = 3038 now to occupy the land
3038 - 1090 = 1948.  So in 1948, what happened with Israel of significance?

Exactly, now there remains two periods of time, 49 years and 7 years to bring 
and end to iniguity.

Rev. Doug Pickrel, Litt.D.
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, Texas

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