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Is this consistent across the board? Or are you saying that this is
the case in a specific passage? It would seem to me that καιρός KAIROS
would make better sense for זמן ZMN. I wonder if some
passages/translators use καιρός KAIROS while others use χρόνος CRONOS.
Maybe the latter is used more in terms of "times" as in "seasons." I
don't know. This would be something interesting to investigate, but
I'm sure the works already been done. ;)


On 10/13/06, Mark Spitsbergen <awakesd at earthlink.net> wrote:
> It is interesting to note that ZMN (zeman) is translated by the Greek word
> 'chronos' and not 'kairos' in the Septuagint. Although, I do agree that ZMN
> (zeman) denotes an 'appointed time' it is somewhat odd that the second
> century BCE translators did not use 'kairos' to translate 'zeman'. Does
> anyone have a suggestion as to why the Septuagint translators may have
> viewed 'chronos' differently than we do today?
> Shalom
> Mark Spistbergen
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