[b-hebrew] Back off vacation

John B. Senterfitt millenia05 at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 12 12:40:46 EDT 2006

Back from vacation, only to find myself scanning through much of what was written and in agreement with Rochelle, the boredom has set in.

If I might offer a suggestion for an interesting topic it would be centered around the "Hebrew prepositions" and not only they but the "Greek prepositions" as well.

It has long been my observation that they may well be the most overlooked, half-done, ignored, obscured of any word or words in the scriptures.

At some point, in years gone by, I saw a linguist say that the "prepositions" are likened to the road signs along our busy highways. Without them, in strange geography, we might well be quite lost! Being on vacation in the mountains I found theses road signs to be very much needed.

And likewise I have found much insight into the scriptures to be had from these seemingly little words!

John B. Senterfitt 

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