[b-hebrew] Kamatz katan; Ashkenazi pronunciation; was: Translating

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Sat Oct 7 14:35:10 EDT 2006

On 07/10/2006 23:10, Vadim Cherny wrote:
>> So, it is *a fact* that  there are no proofs that
>> WAYYIQTOLs existed before the Masoretes. I did not discuss speculation and
>> beliefs; I discussed morphological evidence.
>> Rolf Furuli
> It is very much possible that the Masoretes invented wayyiqtol. They had a
> good reason to do that.
> As I see it, tense forms developed as follows:
> - qatal for the past tense, weqatal for the future
> - new FT form yiqtol

Indeed? When exactly do you think that YIQTOL was "new"? At any time 
relevant to biblical Hebrew?

> at that point, there were two forms of the future tense, and one form for
> much more common past tense. Someone should have got a bright idea of
> developing a form for the past tense symmetrical to weqatal. Thus, wayiqtol
> is likely an artifical form.
> Could the MT wayiqtols been originally weyiqtols. Very much! ...

I accept "Could". I do not accept "*a fact*". Speculate as much as you 
like, but speculation does not imply fact.

> A note to Peter: logically, Rolf correctly equates absence of positive
> evidence with negative evidence. That is the way of proof in all sciences
> but mathematics. Perhaps some future experiments would invalidate the speed
> of light limit, but before that, we take that limit for proven. Science
> develops through refutations, not positive proofs.
Vadim, your idea of science is very limited. This is not how science 
works. The "speed of light" limit is not an experimental one but a 
theoretical one.

Rolf, do you want supporters like this?

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