[b-hebrew] Kamatz katan; Ashkenazi pronunciation; was: Translating

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Sat Oct 7 03:03:19 EDT 2006

On 07/10/2006 10:44, Rolf Furuli wrote:
> Dear Peter,
> Time and again it has been demonstrated that we live in two different
> linguistic worlds. So I see no purpose in a discussion between us. However,
> you challenge my statement that it is a fact that WAYYIQTOLs did not exist
> before the Masoretes. I will comment on that.
> A WAYYIQTOL is by definition a prefix form with patah and gemination (or
> vowel lenthening i 1. p. s). It is *a fact* that such forms are not found
> before the Masoretes. ...

Well, obviously, because no patahs or gemination are FOUND before the 
Masoretes, because we have no earlier vowel points. That doesn't imply 
that earlier Hebrew was spoken without vowels! There were vowels, but 
there is no surviving evidence for them. (I leave aside for now the 
slight and confusing evidence from transliterations.) Again, absence of 
evidence is not evidence of absence. (If you don't accept this 
principle, your theory about the original New Testament manuscripts 
having YHWH rather than KURIOS goes out of the window as well. You can't 
have things both ways.)

> ...  So, it is *a fact* that  there are no proofs 
> that
> WAYYIQTOLs existed before the Masoretes. ...

I accept your restatement of your position including "there are no 
proofs", which I take as a retraction of "it is a fact that WAYYIQTOLs 
did not exist before the Masoretes".

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