[b-hebrew] Judges 16:30 - Verb with no use, MY PROBLEM!

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Fri Oct 6 10:19:02 EDT 2006

Hi George,

Your last line catches my eye, "Just goes to show that Wayyiqtol can't 
really represent consecutive action."

Actually, Gen 2:25 doesn't *show* anything about whether wayyiqtol, as a 
form, represents consecutive action.  You began with an idea about what 
the verse means, and then you read the wayyiqtol accordingly.  I do the 
same thing.  And it's fine that we read the wayyiqtol differently, as 
long as we realize we are doing it and representing ourselves honestly.

We are going to have a very hard time "showing" to everyone's 
satisfaction that wayyiqtol means a certain thing.  Such is the 
imperfect (excuse the pun) nature of our knowledge of BH.


George Athas wrote:
> The Wayyiqtol form does not say anything about the nature of the action.
> Rather, in line with aspect, it tells you (the reader) how to view the
> action. As such, it is simply alerting you to the fact that you should go on
> reading the story from the point of view of them being naked. It says
> nothing about whether they once were or were not naked. Rather, it is simply
> saying that for the purposes of the story at hand, "THEY HAPPENED TO BE"
> [Heb: wayyihyu] naked.
> Just goes to show that Wayyiqtol can't really represent consecutive action.
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