[b-hebrew] Question on decomposing words

Bob MacDonald bobmacdonald at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 5 20:28:10 EDT 2006

The words are in psalm 2


yelideTika appears to have two suffixes, one representing the first person
and the other representing the direct object (as normally translated). It is
almost as if the verbal form was being considered as a noun and the result
modified with a second person singular pronominal suffix


So is it qal perfect first person singular with an 'ownership' by the second
person singular?


In this same psalm, I notice some nouns ending with the 'o' sound - but both
being translated as 'their'. I would have expected 'his' for the ones ending
with an 'o'. e.g. their bonds, their cords both end in mem-vav-holem and not
mem-vav- with dot following (qibbus with mater) - perhaps eimo after the
plurals is an explicit them (accusative)?


Thanks again




Bob MacDonald

Victoria BC





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