[b-hebrew] Judges 16:30 - Verb with no use, MY PROBLEM!

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> Hi Kelton, 
> Re Gen 2:25, they came into being naked. That means from the start, 
> from their being created, they were naked. The verse is not just saying 
> that they were naked (read verbless clause, sheneyhem `arumiym). It is 
> stating that they came about or came into being naked (read wayyiqtol 
> clause, vayyihyu sheneyhem `arumiym). 

Response: Oh I see, (light bulb).  I did not realize that you were talking about their origin.  That is very interesting.

> Re 2Chr 20:25, we can read it "three days transpired (vayyihyu) 
> plundering the spoil..." or "Those plundering the spoil did their thing 
> (vayyihyu) three days..." I think the word order recommends the former. 
> Shalom, 
> Bryan 

Response:  That is cool as well, I always took the participle as a predicate to hayah here.  But at least I understand your point.

Kelton Graham 
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