[b-hebrew] Judges 16:30 - Verb with no use, MY PROBLEM!

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> So that is how I have always seen it, not to be say this is a trump card or anything but just my understanding of it and where it came from.  And with regards to Gen 2:25 when you said "they came into a state of being naked."  Were'nt they already naked?   It does not seems to me that they were becoming nake but already naked.

This is not a case of nakedness vs. clothed, rather between being and non-being.

> ...  Another example I'd like to get your opinion on is 2 Chr 20:25.
> vayih:yw yamiym $:lo$h boz:ziym , it looks to me that the verb is functioning more like a past progressive 'were plundering.'  What are your thoughts?
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What is the subject of YHYW? I read it as YMYM $LW$H three days. There
was so much booty that "it became three days" they were plundering the

Karl W. Randolph.

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