[b-hebrew] Judges 16:30 - Verb with no use, MY PROBLEM!

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I would assume that the form WYHYW ויהיו in Judges 16:30 functions as
most wa-cons forms do in a narrative—that is, it establishes this as a
part of the main story line, by which the author is providing primary
information. The point is the culmination of Samson's life as a fight
against the Philistines, the loss of which caused the destruction of
even more of his enemies than the entire period of his life had
realized. This is what I get from it anyway. I don't think it
necessarily has any "becoming" associated with it.

Wouldn't it be most common by the time that the Judges was penned to
express "become" with the HYH plus the L-prefix?


On 10/3/06, Chris and Nel <wattswestmaas at eircom.net> wrote:
> Judges 16:30
> Sorry Folks, but for those who are bemused at my 'daft'? question please
> allow me to indulge.  For someone who is still young at the art of trying
> to understand the hundreds of ways to translate without looking at the
> english,  YES, Judges 16:30, does present a minor confusion for me.  The
> context and the word RaBaH (many) seem to me to translate just as well
> without the verb "to be"?  Now it is obvious that I am utterly wrong -  that
> I
> know! There are myriads of sentences where the verb "to be" is not used and
> yet 'known and correctly assumed' from the translation.  My problem is that
> beginning this particular sentence with that verb actually threw me off
> course, when I continued to translate it as if the verb was not there then
> to my shock I actually translated it correctly (Mmmm, now that's a miracle).
> This shows that I am doing something wrong (even though I got the answer
> correct).  I am so used to
> reading sentences without "to be " in them that I still can not fathom its
> purpose here, considering that without it I actually arrived at the correct
> translation without looking at the English.
> Now can someone be kind enough pleeeease..... to relieve me of my making a
> fool of
> myself on this board?
> Chris
> Ireland.
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