[b-hebrew] a Hebrew / Egyptian translation question

Brian Roberts formoria at carolina.rr.com
Tue Oct 3 13:31:15 EDT 2006

Dear listmembers:

I was conversing with a gentleman on another forum, and he suggested to 
me that several Hebrew toponyms and names of people were represented in 

For example, the following he suggested were translated "the same" or 
had "the same" meaning.

The Hebrew word for "Zion" is interchangeable with the Egyptian word for 
The same for "Jebus" (as in Jebusite) with Egyptian Jebet
Hebrew "Duad" he equates with Egyptian "Pa-Djuat-Kha-ennuit (Psusennes)
Hebrew "Joab" (David's general) with Egyptian "Un-tchoab-endjed"
Hebrew "Tamar" with Egyptian "Maakhare Mutamhat"
Hebrew "Salmon" with Egyptian "Siamun"
Hebrew "Boaz" with Egyptian "Buas-orkon"
Hebrew "Obed" with Egyptian "Amenem-opet"

I am no Hebrew expert. This gentleman purports to be, and I am 
presenting these questions to you because I'm sure someone here has the 
Hebrew and Egyptian skill to offer some insight.

Best Salaams,

R. Brian Roberts
Amateur Researcher in Biblical Archaeology

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