[b-hebrew] Daniel 9:24 70 weeks are decided (singular verb)

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 2 23:29:10 EDT 2006

Why is the verb singular in Dan 9:24 "70 weeks are decided"? I looked at 
other quotes with time periods and verbs, but honestly, I am not sure if 
they are plural or singular. Exodus 7:25, Genesis 50:3, Dan 9:2, Dan 10:3, 
Jeremiah 25:12, and Jeremiah 29:10. Someone told me that 70 weeks could be 
treated as a singular for some reason, but I am wondering if it is just a 

I think there is a one in a million chance that Dan 9:24 could say "70 weeks 
an oppression (tav kaf) is resting (nun het) against your people..." The 
word "oppression" is used three times in psalms.

Kenneth Greifer

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