[b-hebrew] Translating - some elementary questions

Bob MacDonald bobmacdonald at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 1 02:18:34 EDT 2006

I am looking at Psalm 145 verse 15;


1. (Ynei-KoL seems to have a first person singular suffix - my eye; perhaps
it is an idiomatic plural? I notice that Gen 44:21 has the same word
translated eyes, but the singular would give an equal sense.

2. the suffix ka seems to mean 'your' - does 'eLeYkA then mean literally
your God?

3. What is the grammatical role of LAHem in the sentence?

4. 'eth-'AkLAm - is this an object marker followed by an irregular plural?


Is there an online resource for these questions? I have been using Blue
Letter Bible and some sites that seem to derive from the same basic
resources. I find they do not deal with all the words in the Hebrew text.


Sorry for the simplicity of the questions; thanks for your patience.




Bob MacDonald

Victoria BC



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