[b-hebrew] Capernaum

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Thu Nov 30 11:12:22 EST 2006

On 30/11/2006 15:59, K Randolph wrote:
> ...
> This is something strange. Both URLs to the article, both yours and
> Yitzhak's, dumped me onto the same page that simply asked for my
> academic ID and password, giving me no other options. Not even the
> option of purchase.
Perhaps there is a cookie or something on your machine which makes the 
site think you have an ID and password. Did you have one temporarily? 
Did you apply for one? You could try deleting your cookies, at least for 
this site, and see what happens.

> I have noticed that about a third to half the articles referenced on
> this list pass me onto that same page, this is the first time I said
> anything about it. It is effective censorship, restricting who has
> access to scholarship.
I agree, but bear in mind that someone has to pay the costs.

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