[b-hebrew] Gen. 2:16-17 :: idiom or clumsy lie

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Thu Nov 30 05:22:44 EST 2006

On 30/11/2006 04:14, YODAN wrote:
> ...
> Or are some explanations/arguments/interpretations (especially those that
> are not in line with certain doctrines) not "Kosher" on this list because
> they don't fit someone's beliefs?  I don't quite understand this.  This (and
> some offensive emails I received privately) make me wonder what kind of a
> list this is supposed to be. 
Yodan, you are free to state your opinions on this matter, and Karl is 
free to state his, provided they stay within the list guidelines. If you 
and Karl disagree and have a lively discussion, that is good because it 
is the purpose of the list. I don't see either of you trying to shut the 
other up, and I hope you won't. But also please don't stray too far from 
the text into theology.

As for offensive private e-mails, I hope that whoever is responsible 
will stop them. I guess the perpetrators could be reported to the 
moderators and warned that they might be banned from the list.

My own take on this is the same as Yonah's and that of many modern 
translations, that BYWM simply means "when" and is not referring to a 24 
hour period.

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