[b-hebrew] Gen. 2:16-17 :: idiom or clumsy lie

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Thu Nov 30 02:49:02 EST 2006

Let’s consider some of the affixed personal pronouns in the words of Genesis
כִּי בְּיוֹם אֲכָלְךָ מִמֶּנּוּ--מוֹת תָּמוּת
אֲכָלְ+ךָ=אֲכָלְךָ, where the suffixed ךָ is a curtailed אכה, which is a
variant of אתה, ‘you’. This pronoun is obsolete as a stand alone, but is
very much alive in compounds. The corresponding feminine is אך, for the
distinct את. The pronoun refers to Adam.
תָּמוּת= תָּ+מוּת, where  תָּ is a curtailed אתה referring also to Adam.
מִמֶּנּוּ= מִמֶּנּ+וּ, where וּ is a curtailed הוא ‘he’. This pronoun refers
to the tree.

The moral of this story is that knowledge will never save us from death. 
Isaac Fried

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