[b-hebrew] Comparative Linguistics

Bryant J. Williams III bjwvmw at com-pair.net
Tue Nov 28 23:49:07 EST 2006

Dear List,

The following is taken from BHS and compared with NIV Triglot and uses
Massoretic Text and pointing.

1:21- shin
2:21- shin
   61- shin
   62- sin
   63- shin
4:21- sin

Psalms 119:161-168:
vss 161-162, sin
vss 163-168, shin

So, it would appear that sin/shin were not separated at an early date.
Jeremiah would, of course, be Exilic since it is "lamenting" the destruction
of the temple and Jerusalem (or is that Jerushalem?). It should be noted
that the differences between sin/shin is due to the pointing of the

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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