[b-hebrew] comparative historical linguistics was Re:Nun-Tav-Vet root

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Tue Nov 28 05:51:44 EST 2006

Shoshanna, that is a huge misrepresentation of Jewish Orthodox tradition.
The Torah may have been "given" (that is, written out by Moses on God's
command) in the same format as Torah scrolls are today, but surely the
exact vocalization, word divisions, etc. were known to Moses and passed
down all the way to the Masoretes. This would include the difference
between shin and sin. Or are you claiming that only the consonental text is
divine, while the Masoretic vocalization, word divisions, etc. might be

Or are you confusing your midrashim, and thinking of the Tablets, not the
whole Torah?

Yigal Levin

On 11/28/06, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> We believe that the Torah was given without any vowels, or even word
> separations.

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