[b-hebrew] Karl and others - question marks instead ofsomething else???

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Wed Nov 22 17:29:24 EST 2006

On 22/11/2006 19:52, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:
> On 11/22/06, Stephen & Rebecca Shead wrote:
>> There are actually two issues:
>> 1. Your computer - whether Unicode is supported by your operating system,
>> your email program, and/or your browser.
>> 2. Your bhebrew membership settings - they need to be set to "MIME" rather
>> than "plain text". To check this, go to
>> http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/b-hebrew, sign in with your email
>> address at the very bottom of the page, and you should get your list
>> membership configuration page. Go down to "Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?"
> I have it set to Plain Text on my system and I see hebrew fine.  It is possible,
> however, that in certain email readers, this setting may make the difference
> between working and not working.
I suspect that Unicode Hebrew doesn't work properly with the digest, 
whichever setting is used. It certainly won't work with the plain text 
digest, I'm not sure about the MIME version. But if you receive 
individual e-mails, they should always come through to you with the 
original character encoding, although always in plain text only because 
this list accepts plain text only, and this setting should have no 
effect. So then things are down to your e-mail client software.

Remember when sending that this list accepts plain text only. So to send 
Unicode Hebrew you need to send in plain text with UTF-8 encoding. If 
you try to send Hebrew in HTML format and another character encoding, 
this may appear to the sender to work OK but will probably not be 
received correctly - as the HTML version of the message will be 
discarded and the plain text version which is sent instead may not 
include correctly encoded Hebrew.

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