[b-hebrew] Pragmatic notions in BH grammars

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 16:39:18 EST 2006

Hi Johannes,

I pulled a few references from my Endnote file on the subjects you 
mention. The ones below which are good is Ehlich, Wagner, and Warren.

On deixis see:
Ehlich, Konrad. 1979. Verwendungen der Deixis beim sprachlichen Handeln: 
Linguistisch-philologische Untersuchungen zum hebräischen deiktischen 
System. 2 vols. Forum Linguisticum 24. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

On performative verbs or utterances see:
Cole, P. 1974. “Hebrew tenses and the performative analysis.” Pages 
73-89 in Papers from the 10th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic 
Society. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.

Hillers, Delbert R. 1995. “Some performative utterances in the Bible.” 
Pages 757-766 in Pomegranates & Golden Bells: Studies in Biblical, 
Jewish, and Near Eastern Ritual, Law, and Literature in Honor of Jacob 
Milgrom. Edited by David P. Wright, David Noel Freedman, and Avi 
Hurvitz. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns.

Wagner, Andreas. 1997. Sprechakte und Sprechaktanalyse im Alten 
Testament: Untersuchungen im biblischen Hebräisch an der Nahtstelle 
zwischen Handlungsebene und Grammatik. Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die 
alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 253. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Wagner, Andreas. 1994. “Zum Problem von Nominalsatzen als 
Sprechhandlungen am Beispiel des Segnens im Althebraischen; oder: Gibt 
es neben primar und explizit performativen Ausserungen noch eine dritte 
Kategorie von Ausserungen?” Grazer Linguistische Studien 41: 81-93.

Zatelli, Ida. 1994. “Analysis of Lexemes from a Conversational Prose 
Text: hnh as a Signal of a Performative Utterance in 1 Sam. 25:41.” 
Zeitschrift für Althebraistik 7: 5-11.

On speech act or speech in general see:
Davies, Graham I. 1993. “Reply to "Pragmalinguistics and speech act 
theory as applied to Classical Hebrew".” Zeitschrift fur Althebraistik 
6: 60-78.

Macky, P. W. 1987. “The multiple purposes of Biblical speech acts.” The 
Princeton Seminary Bulletin 8: 50-61.

Miller, Cynthia L. 2003 [1996]. The Representation of Speech in Biblical 
Hebrew Narrative: A Linguistic Analysis. Harvard Semitic Monographs 55. 
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Sornig, Karl. 1998. “Sprechakte und Sprechaktanalyse im Alten Testament. 
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Wagner, Andreas. 1994. “BEKENNEN. Zur Analyse eines religiösen 
Sprechakts.” Pages 117-124 in Satz -- Text -- Diskurs. Akten des 27. 
Linguistischen Kolloqiums Münster 1992. 2 vols. Edited by Peter-Paul 
König and Helmut Wiegers.

Wagner, Andreas. 2002. “Die Stellung der Sprechakttheorie in Hebraistik 
und Exegese.” Pages 55-83 in Vetus Testamentum Congress Volume. Edited 
by Andre Lemaire. Basel.

Warren, Andy. 1998. “Modality, Reference, and Speech Acts in the 
Psalms.” PhD diss., Cambridge University.

Zatelli, Ida. 1993. “Pragmalinguistics and Speech-Act Theory as Applied 
to Classical Hebrew.” Zeitschrift für Althebraistik 6: 60-74.

Now concerning background/foreground and discourse markers and so forth, 
there were too many for me to post. My email bounced from the forums 
because it was too large. So I can send you some references off-list if 
you desire.

Hope something there is useful to you.

David Kummerow.

> Dear friends,
> I'm looking for grammars of Biblical Hebrew following a pragmatic 
> approach. I know three:
> -Gary Aland Long, Grammatical concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew : 
> Learning Biblical Hebrew Grammatical Concepts through English Grammar, 
> Peabody 2002.
> -B.M. Rocine, Learning Biblical Hebrew. A New Approach Using Discourse 
> Analysis, Macon 2000.
> -Ch.H.J. Van Der Merwe, J.A. Naudé, J.H. Kroeze, A Biblical Hebrew 
> Reference Grammar, Sheffield 1999.
> Are there any others (even dealing only with single issues, such as 
> performative verbs, background/foreground distinction, discourse 
> markers, presupposition, speech act, deixis and so on)?
> Johannes Buxtorf
> Basel

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