[b-hebrew] Hebrew language and thought forms, was:

Ethel Jean (Kowan) Saltz macnietspingal at airmail.net
Wed Nov 22 15:22:48 EST 2006

I looked "grace" up in the online dictionary which presents different
dictionary POV's and it sure seems to me that chesed and chen both apply.
There is no definition involving sin.  The first meaning seems to be beauty
of form and the second is  God's support of you.  I always wondered about it
too.  It's used so much in Christianity.  I felt uncomfortable with Rabbi's
using it.  However, I won't any more:)  Used a lot in Jewish prayers:)  The
Christian phrase is "fall from grace".  Then it's up to preacher to put a
spin on it?

In addition, the Ma Tovoo prayer was put to the music of
Amazing Grace at Maryland Hillel many years ago and the Rabbi's wife said 
that  both ideas were the same,
 Amazing Grace and Ma Tovoo.  I've never really disected it myself.  The
Ma Tovoo sung with Amazing Grace melody is truly Amazing Grace/Beauty:)

Ethel Jean (Kowan)  Saltz, Beltsville MD

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