[b-hebrew] Karl and others - question marks instead of something else???

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Wed Nov 22 05:16:50 EST 2006

On 22/11/2006 09:01, Kim wrote:
> I see the question marks too, no matter what
>   encoding I used, even the Unicode Yitshak
>   Sapir suggested which did work for some
>   of the messages with Hebrew script (so thankful
>   for that suggestion).
>   Took up Karl's suggestion and read it
>   in the B-Hebrew archives - no problems there.
If the message is OK in the archives, the problem is with the software 
you are using to view the message. As Yitzhak pointed out, there is a 
problem with Yahoo mail, and maybe with some other web-based mail as 
well. If you download your mail to your own computer, you will have a 
problem with Eudora, and with some other older mail clients as well. 
(Chris uses Outlook Express 6, so that shouldn't be his problem.) There 
is also an issue with operating systems: recent versions of Windows, Mac 
OS and Linux all support Unicode Hebrew, but older versions may have 
only partial support, and it may be necessary to install Hebrew language 
support - in Windows XP do this from Control Panel - Regional and 
Language Options - Languages, then check "Install files for complex 

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