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I am sorry that I have to put it so blatantly, but I am afraid that you are
living in a fundamental misunderstanding about the innate nature of the
Hebrew language.
---Isaac Fried

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Aaaahhh, no.

נצב to set up e.g. monument, building, fort over occupied territory,
appointed officer over a fort, derivatives include a temporary
structure, outpost, even one derivative the handle of a sword, whereas
נתיב, נתיבה way, direction one should go, (by)way more in connection
with getting from here to there. The connection is very tenuous at
best, one referring to a stationary object, the other to the action of
getting from here to there.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 11/20/06, Isaac Fried <if at math.bu.edu> wrote:
> The root נתב (NTB) is but a variant of the root נצב (NTZAB),
> 'erect.' The spatial sense of this extension is not revealed to us by
> the conciseness of the tri-literal root. In fact, the extension of
> נתיב is at once upward, widthwise, and lengthwise. מעגל=מה
> +עגל is a variant of גל, 'wave, mound'. The root עגל (AGL)
> appears also in the form עקל (AKL), with גל=קל.
> Isaac Fried
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