[b-hebrew] Proverbs 3:21- Sound Wisdom?????

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Mon Nov 20 17:16:15 EST 2006

Hallo members of the board, how are you?

Proverbs 3:21:  TooSHiYaH -my goodness what a word!!

The translation "Sound Wisdom" falls into my category as Redundant 
Tautological nonsense!  It is a bit like the news reporters when they 
continually refer to an investigation as a: Massive Manhunt', is there such 
a thing as a small manhunt?  What about that irritating sign on the roads: 
Major Roadworks"?  Have you ever seen 'Minor Roadworks'?  So this 
translation can not be :'SOUND wisdom'  I am looking for the concept behind 
this word, I can not really come up with anything solid.  I have various 
'ideas' as to the meaning of this word within its context of Prov 3:21 from 
the lexicon and shoshan but I am all over the place from meanings like: 
sound deliberation, thoughtful design, upright and true 

I know that it is a noun formed by the addition of a Tav prefix and a Heh 
affix signifying feminine.  I took this away and was left with Shin and Yod. 
Only to find that the yod was also not part of the root either (and as if 
this was'nt irritating enough), so glad they left the shin in place - that 
was nice of them, was'nt it?????????

But I really would appreciate the boards' involvement specifically because I 
do not understand where the Yod comes from that is at the end of this word; 
being that it is a word from the root Yod-Shin-Heh? And does the dagesh in 
the yod stand for the missing Heh?

Thanking you

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