[b-hebrew] Hebrew language and thought forms

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On 20/11/2006 21:50, davidfentonism at aim.com wrote:
> But in the case of the (paleo) Hebrew, its very alphabet (i.e., its characters) are derived from pictograms of the things Adam named (e.g., animals, trees, father, etc.). This is what I have read, at least. ...

Yes, and it is equally true of our alphabet, which is as much derived 
from palaeo-Hebrew as the more modern Hebrew alphabet is. With some of 
our letters it is still obvious in the forms: "O" is derived from a 
picture of an eye (Hebrew `ayin, also a circle in palaeo-Hebrew), "M" is 
derived from a picture of water (waves) (Hebrew mem/mayim).

So what?

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