[b-hebrew] Nun-Tav-Vet root

K Randolph kwrandolph at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 14:50:52 EST 2006


This root is not found in Tanakh. The noun, נתיבה or נתיב refers to a
"way, direction one should go, (by)way"

Other words include ארח a way for travelers going from city to city,
דרך path, not for wagons, מסלה highway, an embanked road suitable for
wheeled traffic, מעגל cowpath (from עגל calf)? or rutted track (from
עגל circular)?  hard walkway (hardened by many people treading on it),
שׁוק city street, lined with shops.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 11/20/06, Chris and Nel <wattswestmaas at eircom.net> wrote:
> Dear Members,
> While this root according to Gesenius and Davidson has the signification of
> Treading, Trampling; I read also that the Arabic refers to a path that is
> elevated, (like maybe a royal pathway).  However they say that the Nun? can
> not refer to this (by that I have absolutely no idea what he is talking
> about).  But since we have the word root: Dalet Resh Qaf meaning precisely
> the same I wonder whether or not the former root has something 'extra' or a
> 'subtler shade' in its meaning?
> Can anyone elaborate please?
> Thankyou,
> Chris,
> Ireland.

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