[b-hebrew] Is Torah a theological text today?

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Nov 15 23:34:44 EST 2006

YOU don't think it is?? Who are YOU?


I don't think it is.  In fact, I think it's a scientific text even in its
day.  It's the ancient approach to the Unification Theory plain and simple,
in Iran/Iraq/Israel. .  That's why it caused the powers that be so much fear
of the family of Israel which was slowly growing larger.

Same thing as is happening in the USA Congress right now:)

I don't believe in any God but I I love the univerwal intelligence that
Torah generates.  Try joining a group discussing Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin
with high powered people:)  All based on the Hebrew Language.

As one Rabbi told us in a daring moment on his part, the entire Bible is
really the Torah Scrolls and everything else is a preservation of the Torah
Scrolls as science slowly evolves over the centuries.  So the fact that my
Bible is: TaNaKh, Apocryphya, New Testament, Koran, means that by the time
of 600 CE, after all is said and done, as Muhammad so astutely observed:

The Jews said, "The Christians have no basis," while the
Christians said, "The Jews have no basis." Yet, both of
them read the scripture. Such are the utterances of those
who possess no knowledge. GOD will judge them on the Day
of Resurrection, regarding their disputes.

"I confirm previous scripture - the Torah - and I revoke
certain prohibitions imposed upon you. I come to you with
sufficient proof from your Lord. Therefore, you shall
observe GOD, and obey me.

We therefore, Koranically legallly, should expect our Muslim friends to join
us in discussing the Hebrew Language, since they could help us a lot.  The
characters they use to write the oral sounds aren't at all like Hebrew, but
in tranliteration using English, well, there seems to be an opportunity for
them to share with us in studying THEIR Torah.  You can't get more 21st
century scientific than that can you? ;)  You see in it's all in our hands,
not in Y'H'W'H's.  Y'H'W'H has preserved all this for us in spite of all the
Y'H'W'H wars over the millenia.

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