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David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 15 18:09:53 EST 2006


Thank you, too, for the discussion and it is exceedingly helpful for me 

Due to your questioning, I am having doubts as to the status of 
"bendeniz" also (I think I mentioned this just before in another post?). 
In any case, it neither proves nor disproves things as there is a 2nd 
person polite form in the language. So let's move on. The matter has 
been a useful discussion, though, in helping to cast light onto the 
issue of `abdeka etc.

David Kummerow,

> Thank you for continuing to help me here. Yes, you may be right about 
> `abdeka, and certainly about "your humble servant", that they are 
> analysable. But I am far from sure that this is not true of Turkish 
> "bendeniz", especially since the variant "bendeleri" is found, and these 
> forms are very clearly the second and third person plural possessed form 
> of a known noun "bende". Yet you put forward the Turkish as an example. 
> So I remain a bit confused about the criteria.
> But does it matter? It is less important to decide whether certain 
> Hebrew forms fit someone's rather unclear (at least to me) definitions 
> and theories than to decide what actually happens in Hebrew.
> -- 
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