[b-hebrew] Genesis 2:15 and 2:17 is garden feminine?

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Mon Nov 13 17:48:46 EST 2006

Adam was demoted spiritually, his soul originally contained all the 
souls of everyone, he also repented, was taught by the angel, Raziel 
and was considered a prophet, and the Garden is eternal, and also a 
symbol of G-d's spiritual nourishment to the world, according to that 
part of Oral Torah which is called Kabbala.


On 13/11/2006 16:09, Steve Miller wrote:
> Additionally, the garden did not die in the day Adam ate off the tree of
> knowledge. Gen 3:22-24

Nor did Adam die. Well, we know that from the text, that he lived
another 930 years(!), which is of course the basic problem with the "you
shall surely die" interpretation, whereas your argument about the garden
is in fact from silence. So, while I would not argue for the garden
dying interpretation, this argument is of no help.

A better argument against the garden dying interpretation is from 3:2,3,
in which the plural form TEMUTUN cannot refer to the singular garden and
also clearly refers back to 2:17.

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