[b-hebrew] Anahnu - Anu

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 17:35:34 EST 2006

   The changes from   literary Arabic to the colloquial language are
   in many ways equal to the changes from proto-Semitic to BH. 
  Now, in classical Arab. the term for 'we'  is NAH(.)NU, compared,
   for instance,  to the spoken Palestinian or Egyptian EH(.)NA .
   In the colloquial the first Nun drops out, exactly as in the case
   of Anu in relation to Anahnu.
    It appears that in Heb. there is rather a diachronic development. 
  In fact,  Mandelkern lists only one occurrence of Anu in the HB, 
  in Jer. 42:6  (actually with defective vowelling and the Qeri is: Anahnu! ). 
  I assume that the Mishnaic literatue and what followed is full with 
  the shorter form.
   On the other hand there are of course many occurrences of Anokhi
   as well of Ani in BH; as I mentioned they seem to be a fusion of
   usages in different dialects and languages. 

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