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Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 13:15:52 EST 2006

  Yigal Levin asked:  ....[ is there a difference....] "between

 "ani" and   "anokhi"? Are they used in different genres,

 are they preferred by different   literary sources? "...  

    Well, according to Th. Meek in his undeservedly

 forgotten "Hebrew Origins", they represent usages in different 

 Semitic dialects and linguistic branches. For instance,

 Phoenician and Punic use included only Anokhi  (check in KAI),

 whereas Arabic uses  Ana , that is the equivavlent of Ani.

   On the other hand, inscriptional evidence in Aramaic presents

the  two forms, and so does Ugaritic, if memory serves. If so,

this is another linguistic feature it shares with Heb.

   "Hebrew Origins" by Meek -- the translator of Hammurabi's 

Code in ANET --deservs to be reprinted ; some of

 his insights, both linguistic and historical,did not lose

 their validity in the two generations since the third edition

 appeared. See his discussion of the Levites, for


   Jack Sasoon paid him homage by using the same title

 for his recent excellent book dealing mainly with historical




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