[b-hebrew] Comparing Arabic with Hebrew

Ethel Jean (Kowan) Saltz macnietspingal at airmail.net
Sat Nov 11 17:06:52 EST 2006

The Koran established a classical Arabic language by 600 CE.  Now I don't 
consider that ancient by any means.  However, for amateurs like myself who 
intuit there's some assistance in comparing Hebrew with Arabic (spoken that 
is) that getting a transliterated version of the Pentateuch in Arabic would 
be mighty insightful.  This is all way before RaMBaM/Rashi and closer to the 
original Christianity.

If this makes sense, then does anyone know if there's a transliterated 
Arabic version of the Pentateuch/Torah?   I'm interested because the Koran 
loves the Torah.  It doesn't replace it all.  It does a Talmud Torah 
simplistically:)  This would give me a great "feel" for the polytheistic, 
Jewish, Christian tribes back then in Israel/Iraq/Iran:) 

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