[b-hebrew] Lev 5:22 (Hebrew Version) The noun AVeyDaH

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Fri Nov 10 11:39:24 EST 2006

I am having problems understanding this so called 'sere impure' which is 
described in the dictionary under this word AVeyDaH (something lost).  Had I 
seen this word without the vowels I would have said that it was a feminine 
participle and translated it as "someone or something which is lost, 
(obviously I know that it is a noun).  But having read the lexicon and seen 
this I am actually more confused, trying to apply reverse logic I assume 
that if this "noun" was not with a 'sere impure'? then it would have been 
pointed as AVDaH or AVaDaH????????  I really have no idea!

Can someone please explain.  What would it be IF this was not a 'sere 
impure' (whatever that is supposed to mean)? 

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