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Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Thu Nov 9 04:48:05 EST 2006

On 09/11/2006 00:19, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:
> On 11/8/06, kenneth greifer wrote:
>> I think this site is good for looking at the Dead Sea Scrolls .
>> http://www.ao.net/~fmoeller/qumdir.htm
> The question is: By what right does this Fred Miller have to:
> 1) place photographs of the Isaiah (and other) scrolls on the
> web?

By what right does anyone claim copyright on these scrolls and so the 
right to restrict public access to them?

> 2) use scholarship in his comments without even a footnote
> or list of references for you to know who suggested a
> particular idea originally, and then copyrighting all of these
> comments as completely his own?

He wrote this for a more popular audience for whom detailed references 
would not be appropriate, but it would have been good to see a general 
list of works cited. As for the copyright notice, it says nothing more 
than is anyway legally implicit.

> 3) sell both his comments and the photographs on a
> CD-ROM for his own personal monetary gain?
If you consider the amount of material on his CD, most of which is out 
of copyright because of its date, $24.95 would hardly seem to bring him 
significant gain.

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