[b-hebrew] Song of Deborah / Song of the Sea

Jucci Elio eljucci at unipv.it
Wed Nov 8 08:05:58 EST 2006

 a useful and agreable tool :-)

 Thomas F. McDaniel, The Song of Deborah.  Poetry in Dialect.  A
Philological Study of Judges 5, Translation and Commentary (2003)

Elio Jucci

> Hello,
> I have read any number of times in various venues and by various authors
> how both the Song of Deborah and the Song of the Sea appear to be the
> oldest parts of the Bible.  However, the various writers more or less take
> this assertion for granted and move on.  They never make any argument to
> support it and I have yet to find one.  So, is there some basis for this
> claim, archaic grammar or vocabulary?  Any thoughts would be appriciated.
> --
> Jack Tladatsi
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