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sujata shevaroys at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 30 23:35:30 EDT 2006

Couldnt it be that YHWH is just the sound  by which God is known since the name YHWH simply appears without any introduction or explanation in Gen 2:4 and is shortened to just YAH in the psalms? 

Karl Randolph <kwrandolph at email.com> wrote:

What a beautiful description of ancient Hebrew 
theology, but is it a translation?

I agree with you that the idea is meant in the 
words used, but apart from adding that sentence 
cannot be rendered in English because of the 
limitations of the English language in rendering 
Hebrew ideas.

Karl W. Randolph.

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Rolf Furuli" 
> ...
> I therefore suggest the following rendering for )HYH )$R )HYH: "I will prove
> to be
> what I will prove to be." I agree with those who view the renderings "I am
> who I am." as meaningless.
> I also agree with those who find little meaning in, "I will be whom I will
> be," although
> a semi-fientive interpretation of "will be" can be meaningful. But I view my
> translation
> above as meaningful, becaus it says: "I am a God of purpose, and you can
> know me
> by looking at my acts."
> ...
> Best regards,
> Rolf Furuli
> University of Oslo

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