[b-hebrew] Yitzhak, Respose canaanites and Language

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Fri Jun 30 17:00:43 EDT 2006

CHRIS REPLIES...... Yitzhak, my original question is listed not as a
linguistic challenge.  When a student asks questions to a teacher they are
not always framed as closed-ended questions. Sometimes they are framed in
the form of rhetorical deliberation that berays an ignorance of orthodox
discussion in this sort of environment.

Secondly I never believed that Hebrew came from Aramaic EVER.  What I am
TRYING TO UNDERSTAND is to follow the logical progression of Abraham's
Language to the language of his children and logically onto the Israelites
in Egypt.  Since you do not believe that Abraham existed - ok!  But there is
even less evidence for the existence of a few historical characters which
the Historian would never doubt. I could run through quite a list of Norse
kings, saxon warriors, Angle invaders, Jutes, Heathobards.  Some of these
names are mentioned only ONCE.  Yet their existence is never doubted!

What about the Akkadian rulers and the Egyptian King lists.  I could ask you
to tell me upon what empirical data you base your conviction that dear old
Avram might never have existed.  Essentially this was where my questions

".....but you cannot use the historical claims to invent new linguistic

I was not inventing anything - I was reasoning somewhat usuccessfully - to
try to understand something.

> "maybe", "circumstantially" are not good enough and only lead toward
> a process of creating hypothetical but unlikely scenarios.

CHRIS REPLIES:  Hypothetical discussions are an absolute necessity!

In the process, claims must be proven.  "would", "could",.......

Firstly I never make claims - if I ever did that on this forum I would never 
use the words 'maybe' 'could' 'would' might have' 'possible' .....

I live in the 19th century and I claim that The Hittites existed because I
choose to believe in the CLAIMS made by historical documents from different
sources of the bible.  What would you have said -  "Where is the unshakeable 

Chris Watts

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