[b-hebrew] "I Am" vs. "I Will Be"

Har1marjohn at wmconnect.com Har1marjohn at wmconnect.com
Fri Jun 30 12:32:42 EDT 2006

 To all,
Catrin H. Williams in the book by Williams : "I Am He." published by Mohr 
Siebeck on page 98 states regarding Ex.3:14 translation: "It cannot be ruled out 
that the emphasis on divine creative activity in some targumic versions of Ex. 
3:14bd (N/Ngl1/FT-PVB) is meant to serve as a reminder to Moses that God's 
past work in creation provides assurance of his future intervention." 
Thus, it is proper to render Ex 3:14 as future.
John Carras

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