[b-hebrew] The God of Israel "does not have a name"?

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You have said, "The god of Israel does not have a name."

The God of Israel has said, "ani YHWH hu' shemi",  "I am YHWH -that is my name".

It seems He deprives you of your argument.

You have said that 'monotheism' means 'God doesn't need a name'.  I see errors in your logic.

Firstly, need doesn't always determine reality.  As YHWH has a name, He has a name whether He needs it or not.

Secondly, 'monotheism' doesn't remove the need for God to have a name.  The one true God, YHWH, is not the 'one God' of all who worship 'one God'.  Nor do they necessarily discern the words of YHWH God of Israel.  Nor are all the things they say about their 'one God' true of Israel's one YHWH.  I can ask a person, "Do you believe in God?" and they can say, "yes" and go on to describe a completely different person to YHWH.  But if I ask, "Do you believe in YHWH?" they either know what YHWH says about Himself, or they would need to hear from the mouth of His prophets, who speak in the name of YHWH.

In this poly-monotheistic world where everyone has their own self-defined 'God', the name of YHWH is not only just as real and relevant, but is an opportunity for man to have his mouth shut and listen to what YHWH says about Himself.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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