[b-hebrew] "I Am" vs. "I Will Be"

Revdpickrel at wmconnect.com Revdpickrel at wmconnect.com
Thu Jun 29 17:58:08 EDT 2006

> For my part, I have argued here before that "I will be" does not answer 
> Moses' question.  Namely "what is your name?"

I am not sure what the original question might be, but, I think, "And God 
said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM...."  Maybe it does answer Moses' question.  
Suppose God was saying, "I am Eternal":  I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and 
Jacob, and I am still God ready to go with Moses to Egypt as The One Eternal God....

Rev. Doug Pickrel, Litt.D.
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, Texas

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