[b-hebrew] "I Am" vs. "I Will Be"

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For my part, I have argued here before that "I will be" does not answer Moses' question.  Namely "what is your name?"

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> Awohili at aol.com wrote: 
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> >It's quite simple. I'm not fishing. I asked a question, which has been 
> >ignored. I'd like a cogent answer to my question, which no one has answered 
> yet. 
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> HH: The answer is that the context is different in the two verses, 
> calling for a different handling of the verb in English. If a verb is 
> imperfective in aspect, then it can be present or future. The original 
> hearer would have adjusted according to the context. The future simply 
> does not suit 3:14b well, as has already been explained. To name 
> yourself "I will be" without a predicate leaves the hearer with a God 
> who exists in the future but perhaps not in the present. But the future 
> does suit 3:12 well. You could translate 3:12 as "I am with you," but 
> the futuristic context makes that less appropriate in English. The fact 
> is that God was with Moses at that moment and would be with him at every 
> step from that time onwards. It was partially for this reason that God 
> sought to put him to death when he attempted to return to Egypt without 
> having circumcised his son (Ex 4:24-25). God as with him, and he was 
> not free any longer to ignore the demands of God's covenant with 
> Abraham. So in a technical sense "I am with you" would be correct. 
> Yours, 
> Harold Holmyard 
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> >See the discussion for the various people's reasonings. I'm not sure what 
> >it is that you 
> >want. Again, if you don't find their arguments convincing, that's your 
> >right as a free human 
> >being. But you seem to be fishing for something, and it's difficult to 
> >determine what. 
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