[b-hebrew] "I Am" vs. "I Will Be"

Awohili at aol.com Awohili at aol.com
Thu Jun 29 13:25:58 EDT 2006

Well, we can ride this carousel forever, but I will merely state that I  
remain unconvinced that "I am" is the best translation for Exodus 3:14.  I  could 
match scholar with scholar, commentator with commentator, ancient and  modern, 
but see no need to do that.  Everyone is entitled to his or her  opinion on 
the matter.  As for me, I will go with "I Will Be."
But so far I have seen no answer to a simple question.  If it is *not*  
acceptable to translate ehyeh at Exodus 3:14 as "I will be," why do so many  
English versions do just that, two verses prior, at Exodus 3:12?  What  changes?  
Grammar?  Context?  How so?
Solomon Landers

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