[b-hebrew] Also asking a question - Re: YHWH is Aramaic?

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Thu Jun 29 13:11:22 EDT 2006

On 29/06/2006 17:49, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> Maybe it means Everlasting BEING - I will Always Be, Just As I Always 
> Have Been - and includes all tenses of the word "to be"
Precisely, this is what I have been arguing. If I may add another 
ancient Jewish author (writing in Greek), John the author of Revelation 
describes God as the one "who is and who was and who is to come", hO WN 
KAI hO HN KAI hO ERCOMENOS (1:8 and elsewhere); "is to come" is probably 
to be understood as meaning "will be" cf. English "going to". Although 
this is not explicitly a comment on Exodus 3:14, it does rather look 
like one, and corresponds well to your Midrash explanation.

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