[b-hebrew] YHWH is Aramaic?

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Jun 28 23:10:30 EDT 2006

Sorry for asking this question, but it is a name, why does it have to 
have a root or be derived from anywhere, why can't it stand alone as 
a Name?  Why does it have to have an origin?  Why can't it just be 
(one of) G-d's name?


>The root HWH/HYH can be seen as a basic root *HWH that developed
>features similar to "?YH" verbs (such as XYH "live") as a result of the
>nearby initial H.  Generally, "?WH" verbs seem rather stable in the
>Hebrew of the Bible, for example $WH ("equal"), LWH ("lend").  Both
>of these have Hiphil forms with the use of a waw, and it is definitely
>possible that the waw was retained in this form (assuming the verb
>ever had an Hiphil).  This shows just how oddball the HYH/HWH verb
>can be that it is hard to make any conclusions from it.  Similarly, the
>name YHWH may not necessarily be derived from HWH.  It could just
>as easily be derived from an otherwise unknown root *YHW.  Together,
>all these special cases make it impossible to categorize YHWH as
>a name of Aramaic origin.

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